Abbozzo Contemporary Art Gallery

The Mummer's Veil

an exhibition of the works of David Blackwood
March 29 to April 22, 2003
Opening Reception March 29, 2:00 to 5:00 pm

The origin of the Christmas tradition of 'Mummering' can be traced back to celebrations of the Twelve Days of Christmas in the Middle Ages, and these traditions were probably derived from much earlier Druidic rituals surrounding the winter solstice. Mummering began on the night of Boxing Day and continued until January 6. Groups of mummers would wander from village to village at night, playing the fool and calling on a house with a measured, ceremonial knock and the invocation "Any mummers allowed in?" The mummers would be admitted to the kitchen and questioned to guess their identity. Once their true identity was guessed they were required to throwback the veil or mask and expose or 'unveil'. They would then be offered a drink or their 'Christmas' a plate of cakes and a glass of cordial. In repayment the mummers were expected to entertain before they headed out for the next house. 

Very rarely you would hear reports of a 'Lone Mummer' appearing in a remote community as it was hard to imagine anyone undertaking such a visit alone in the dead of winter. In fact, this kind of sighting was a dreaded event, which stirred ancient and instinctive superstitions against outsiders, the archetype of the 'Stranger'. A lone mummer was so unlikely and threatening that it was always referred to as a 'Spirit' and was a certain sign of impending death in the New Year. Actual encounters with lone mummers did happen once or twice every ten years. 

The home-made entertainments in Newfoundland began to disappear with the arrival of radio and television. By the time the National Film Board came to Wesleyville to make the film 'Blackwood' in 1973, mummering had disappeared entirely and was re-enacted for the film.

-excerpt from 'Mummering in Newfoundland' by David Blackwood.

Beautiful_Young_Mummer_in_Margaret_Felthams_House_Artists_Proof_1985_20_x_16_inches.jpg (14311 bytes)
Beautiful Young Mummer in Margaret Feltham's House
Etching and aquatint1985
20 X 16 inches
Lone_Mummer_Approaching_Artists_Proof_1976_20_x_32_inches.jpg (19565 bytes)
Lone Mummer Approaching
1976 Etching and aquatint
20 X 32 inches

Lone_Mummer_with_Cat_Artists_Proof_1987_28_x_22_inches.jpg (13928 bytes)
Lone Mummer with Cat
Etching with aquatint 1987
28 X 22 inches

Study_for_Lone_Mummer_with_Cat_-_Head_Artists_Proof_6_of_10_1987_11_x_14_inches.jpg (13917 bytes)
Study for Lone Mummer with Cat: Head
1987, Etching and aquatint
11 x 14 inches

Great_Mummer_Unveiled.jpg (29035 bytes)
Great Mummer Unveiled
2002 Etching and aquatint
12 X 18 inches

Study_for_Lone_Mummer_with_Cat_-_Hands_edition_50_of_50_1987_11_x_14_inches.jpg (21522 bytes)
Study for Lone Mummer with Cat: Hands
 1987, Etching and aquatint
11 x 14 inches 

Lone_Mummer_Inside_Artists_Proof_1979_28_x_22_inches.jpg (13135 bytes)
Lone Mummer Inside
1979 Etching and aquatint
28 X 22 inches

Mummer_Family_at_the_Door_Artists_Proof_6_of_10_1985_36_x_24_inches.jpg (12041 bytes)
Mummer Family at the Door
1985 Etching and aquatint
36 X 24 inches

mummer_in_lantern_light_etching.jpg (14872 bytes)
Mummer in Lantern Light
1993 Etching and aquatint
14 X 11 inches

Young_Mummer_from_Wesleyville_Artists_Proof_1983_14_x_11_inches.jpg (11809 bytes)
Young Mummer from Wesleyville
1983 Etching and aquatint
14 X 11 inches

Pound_Cove_Mummers_Crossing_Cold_Harbour_Pond.jpg (25647 bytes)
Pound Cove Mummers Crossing Cold Harbour Pond,
1985 Etching and aquatint
20 x 32 inches

Mummer_Group_from_Pound_Cove_Artist_Proof_1975_8_x_10_inches.JPG (15904 bytes)
Mummer Group from Pound Cove
1975 Etching and aquatint
8 X 10 inches

Young_Mummer_Dressing_Artists_Proof_1986_11_x_14_inches.jpg (20494 bytes)
Young Mummer Dressing
1976 Etching and aquatint
11 X 14 inches

Three_Mummers_on_Winsors_Point_Artists_Proof_1979_20_x_32_inches.jpg (23354 bytes)
Three Mummers on Winsor's Point
1979 Etching and aquatint
20 X 32 inches

Study_for_Lone_Mummer_with_Cat-_Moon_Edition_50_of_50_1987_11_x_14_inches.jpg (24125 bytes)
Study for Lone Mummer with Cat: Moon
1987, Etching and aquatint
11 x 14 inches

Self_Portrait_as_a_Young_Mummer_I.jpg (23183 bytes)
Self Portrait as a Young Mummer
2002, Oil tempera on panel
 20 x 16 inches.

Fallen_Mummer_on_Brookfield_Marsh_etching_9_x_12_inches.jpg (39361 bytes)
Fallen Mummer on Brookfield Marsh
1996 Etching and aquatint
9 X 12 inches

Prestudy_for_Fallen_Mummer_Pencil_1996_13_x_19_inches.jpg (12913 bytes)
Study for Fallen Mummer on Brookfield Marsh
1996 Pencil on Paper
137/8 X 193/4 inches

study_for_heber_fifield.JPG (13674 bytes)
Study for Heber Fifield as a Great Mummer
2000 Etching and aquatint
14 X 11 inches

Portrait_of_Heber_Fifield_as_a_Great_Mummer_etching_36_x_24_inches.jpg (12336 bytes)
Portrait of Heber Fifield as a Great Mummer
2000 Etching and aquatint
36 X 24 inches

Old_Mummer_Unveiled_Artists_Proof_1983_5_x_3_inches.jpg (16172 bytes)
Old Mummer Unveiled
1983 Etching and aquatint
5 x 31/2 inches

Mummer_at_Dresser_pencil.jpg (24178 bytes)
Mummer at Dresser
1986 Pencil on Paper
19 X 213/4 inches

Pound_Cove_Mummer_Unveiled_Pencil_15_x_11_inches.jpg (9125 bytes)
Pound Cove Mummer Unveiled
2003 Pencil on paper
 101/4 x 81/2 inches

Elijah_Mullet_as_a_Mummer_Unveiled_2003_ink_drawing_8_x_13_inches.jpg (34963 bytes)
Elijah Mullett as a Mummer Unveiled
2003 Ink drawing on paper
8 x 133/4 inches

veiled_mummer.jpg (21427 bytes)
Pound Cove Mummer
2001 Pen drawing
97/8 x 73/8 inches

Study_for_Lone_Mummer_1970_pencil_on_paper_image_14_x_9.jpg (10468 bytes)
Study for Lone Mummer
1970 Pencil on paper
/2 x 91/4 inches

Nana_Bishop_as_a_Mummer_Unveiled_Pen_2001_7_x_13_inches.jpg (38162 bytes)
Nana Bishop as a Mummer Unveiled
2001 Pen Drawing
77/8 X 133/4 inches

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